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Vocabulary: romance 词汇: 浪漫

Vocabulary: romance 词汇: 浪漫

Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you get excited by the idea of falling in love with the man or woman of your dreams? Does watching a romcom or a period drama on TV make you cry? Or are you someone who thinks romance is based on an idealised view of reality that doesn't really exist? Well, you could be right!

I'm no romantic and more of a realist – taking a more practical approach to love - maybe that's why I never had many girlfriends! But if you really are expecting the kind of love that makes your heart flutter with happiness you may be dissapointed.

Our expectation of what romance is, probably originated from the Romantic period - an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that originated in Europe in the 18th Century. The notion of falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after were culturally held ideas formed during this period and still exist today. 

Of course there's nothing wrong with liking the idea of romance; it makes us feel good – but we must be careful not to use it as a benchmark for our own relationships. This idealised version of love leaves out the nitty-gritty of real-life relationships. There's usually work, finances and other stresses of everyday life to deal with. You can't expect romantic gestures like a bunch of red roses every day – there are bills to pay!

Many popular love stories end at the point where the characters get together or tie the knot. That puts the focus on finding someone special. But very few show us how to keep thatperfect catch over a long period of time. A relationship is hard work. It’s frustrating, messy and can be emotionally damaging.

If you're still convinced romance isn't dead, how will you ever find it? Historian and TV presenter Lucy Worsley thinks nowadays, any idea of romance is dying because it has become "too easy" to meet new people via dating apps. She told the BBC the "slowexquisite torture of love in Jane Austen novels no longer existed in the age of Grindr and Tinder [apps]."

Perhaps romance is best left to the movies – a fantasy that makes us feel good – and instead concentrate on finding a good and healthy relationship with its ups and downs but one that is full of love. Do you believe romance really exists?


a hopeless romantic 无可救药的浪漫派
romcom 浪漫爱情喜剧,多指影视节目
period drama 古装剧,历史剧
idealised 理想化的
realist 现实主义者,注重实际的人
makes your heart flutter 迷得你的心怦怦直跳
Romantic period (艺术)浪漫主义时期,源自十八世纪欧洲
intellectual 思想知识上的
notion 概念,观念
benchmark 衡量标准,参照
the nitty-gritty (口语表达)指(事情、问题的)实质,实际情况
romantic gestures 浪漫之举
tie the knot (口语表达)结婚
perfect catch 完美的、般配的恋爱对象
emotionally damaging 伤感情的
dating apps 约会应用软件
exquisite 甜蜜又让人痛苦的
fantasy 幻想
ups and downs 曲折起伏